Crochet Tutorials

Slip Knot Tutorial For Lefties

This is the first thing any beginner should know, and it is the foundation of every crochet project involving a chain stitch.   Wrap the yarn counterclockwise twice. (Righties wrap the yarn clockwise twice.) Insert your hook under both loops… …and pull tight to create the slip knot. If you have any questions, please leave… Continue reading Slip Knot Tutorial For Lefties


My Most Popular Patterns Of 2016

My most popular pattern of 2016 was my Leotard For My Crochet Doll  pattern with 179 views in 2016. In 2nd place was my Turtle pattern with 135 views. 3rd place: Jellyfish Pattern with 127 views. 4th place: Rain or Bowler Hat For Babies with 118 views. 5th place: Water-bottle Holder pattern with 87 views. 6th place: Reusable Swiffer Cloth pattern with 80 views.… Continue reading My Most Popular Patterns Of 2016


U.S. Crochet Terminology Cheat Sheet

Below is a table of crochet terms used by yarn companies and pattern designers. These terms are set by the Craft Yarn Council. U.S. Crochet Terminology Stitch Abbreviation Slip stitch Slip st Single Crochet Sc Single crochet decrease Sc2tog Stitches or Stitch Sts or st Half-double crochet Hdc Half-double crochet decrease Hdc2tog Double crochet Dc… Continue reading U.S. Crochet Terminology Cheat Sheet


Throwback Thursday: Crafty From An Early Age

This week as I was going through photos, I found a photo of one of my first crafts. This is a photo of the baby carrier I made for my doll when I was 6 years old. All it consisted of was a piece of felt that I sewed at the top, decorated (with buttons, googley… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Crafty From An Early Age


5 Hand Health Tips For Crocheters

Ever since I had tendonitis a few months ago, I have been busy figuring out ways to prevent my wrist from hurting while crocheting. Below are some of the things that have worked for me to minimize pain in my wrist and hand. Note: These tips work for both right and left-handed crocheters. 5 Hand… Continue reading 5 Hand Health Tips For Crocheters