Throwback Thursday – Photography

As I write more on this blog, it’s fun to go back and look at some of my early photos and compare them to my photos now. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is highlighting the improvement in my photography skills. Then: Photo from early 2016 of a stuffed beagle from the book Ami Ami Dogs by… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Photography

Finished Projects

Thread Doll – Finished Project Friday

  I have previously posted about the dolls I’ve made from the book My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian. About a year after I made the first doll I decided to make one out of some crochet thread and a 10/1.30mm crochet hook. It took me a month, but was worth it in the end.… Continue reading Thread Doll – Finished Project Friday


Throwback Thursday- First Crochet Projects

This was one of my first crochet projects, crocheted at age 6. It was supposed to be a scarf, but it ended up being only 31 inches long. This scarf is full of so many mistakes: I couldn’t keep my ends straight, I crocheted in the back loops only, the tension is uneven and as… Continue reading Throwback Thursday- First Crochet Projects


Finished Project Friday – Star Wars Blanket

Today in honor of Star Wars Day, I’m sharing photos of my finished Star Wars graphgan blanket. After about 18 months I finally finished the blanket back in December, just in time to give to my Dad for Christmas. The pattern I used is Ahookamigurumi’s Star War blanket. The squares I made are (from top… Continue reading Finished Project Friday – Star Wars Blanket


Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners

Following yesterday’s post on the Top 5 Yarns For Beginners, here are the Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners. These yarns can be problematic even for more experienced crocheters. 1. Lion Brand Homespun This yarn is one of the most hated yarns, even for experienced crocheters. It’s a single ply yarn and single ply yarns… Continue reading Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners


Top 5 Yarns For Beginning Crocheters

Choosing yarn as a beginner can be daunting, there are tons of brands, colors and weights to choose from. At first, a medium weight (no. 4) acrylic yarn in a light color is best. Acrylic slides better on the hook, and a light color allows you to see your stitches better. All of the yarns… Continue reading Top 5 Yarns For Beginning Crocheters